Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

Vancouver Island

A leader and plan to win on Vancouver Island again.

The following is a recording of a Q & A with Val Litwin at a virtual all-candidates forum to discuss Vancouver Island issues. December 2021.


South Island TOP 6 Transportation Wish List

It’s time to get cracking on some serious infrastructure investments.

My filters on where and how to do this would be driven by safety, the overall reliability & efficiency of the system, and our climate performance!

I’m not just thinking about today. I’m thinking 10-20 years out, and about how we grow our opportunity, move more people and goods.  

It’s almost Christmas, so here is my South Island Top 6 Transportation Wish List:

  1. Tillicum Road + Trans Canada – This intersection has been a bottle neck for too long.  It’s time for a solution, like an underpass or overpass. We’ve figured out Mackenzie, Helmken, Leigh Road and Millstream – it’s time to fix the traffic tedium at Tillicum.

  1. We need more bus lanes within the CORE of the western communities (especially on the Colwood strip). These feeder systems into the main highways would help keep traffic moving smoothly and reduce overall commute times significantly.

  1. The Malahat is an ongoing challenge, and we know we’re literally stuck between a rock and a hard place (ie: the mountain itself and Goldstream).  But realistically, we need a long-term solution and we have to start talking about it now because BC can’t afford to have this be a permanent chokepoint.  We need to talk about doubling the highway or adding counterflow lanes to reduce friction and increase safety.

  1. The Ferry from Royal Bay to Victoria (Ogden Point) – BC Ferries  thinks they can make this route work – and even achieve breakeven in first year …so let’s get moving!

  1. The E&N rail corridor – The island is poised for an electric commuter train but municipalities around the line have to be readyto zone accordingly to maximize that investment. Let’s think long term and start the courageous conversation around getting people and infrastructure along the line.

  1. The Galloping Goose – It’s time to look at dedicated e-bike lanes. People are seeing the wisdom of commuting-by-bike more and more as the electrification makes longer distances possible. But those bikes move fast – so let’s build the infrastructure to move people safely.

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