Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

4 Pillar Plan for Party Renewal

Val Litwin is the only candidate with the experience and the plan to modernize the BC Liberal Party organization


In November each candidate was given the chance to deliver a presentation of their choice to the Provincial Council of the BC Liberal Party. Riding Association presidents and volunteers from across the 87 provincial ridings participated in this event.

Val used the opportunity to present his powerful 4 PILLAR PLAN to renew the BC Liberal Party and position it for success in 2024 and beyond.

In the final days before the BC Liberal Party leadership vote, I’m thinking back to shortly after my campaign kicked off, when I addressed the party’s Provincial Council. I focused on just four things—none of them the hot-button issues, or political topics of the day. 

That’s because our Brand, People, Vision and the Tools we’ll use to get there have consistently powered the 4 Pillar Plan that will define my leadership. 

We know the BC Liberal Party can successfully govern: we have a legacy of doing that, very well, over many years. Now, we need to become a party that shares the trust, values and futures of British Columbians. My 4 Pillar Plan will get us there, and I’m happy to explain it—but even more eager to execute it.  



Did you check your Meta feed today? If you haven’t embraced Facebook’s new identity, it’s because the brand changed but the brand values stayed the same. As a founder, builder, and reinventor of successful brands including Blo Blow Dry Bar, Nurse Next Door, and the BC Chamber of Commerce, I know that modern branding is way more than a name and a logo.

I will lead a BC Liberal Party that actually shifts the feelings, ideas, perceptions, and stories people have about our party. If we don’t change our culture, any rebranding will backfire. 



Another perk of a successful rebrand: business data proves that accountable cultures attract talent and diversity, and survive tough times with better outcomes. That’s essential to our success. I’m proud of the history of BC Liberal governments, but our party needs to open up and welcome in new voters in order to win elections again. 

The BC Liberals need to seek out and embrace diverse, engaged people to reflect where the province is at today. They will bring a jolt of energy, ideas, and perspectives to our party. The entrepreneurs, parents, women and students who become our future volunteers, fundraisers, and candidates will bring energy, passion and local intel to a refreshed (not reinvented) party. 



As someone who led two of the most successful franchise brands in Canada, I have a lot of respect for well-run franchise operations. Owner-operated businesses thrive in local communities, supported by head-office systems, tools, and training and technologies. Our party needs to embrace new tools, like  franchise companies do, to attract talent and voters. As leader, I’d introduce a “Riding-in-a-Box” tool kit for local ridings: think volunteer-training programs, event templates, and automated fundraising systems. 

As I did at the BC Chamber of Commerce, I will make data-based decisions, with insights from an accessible platform gather grassroots intel—without expensive, and quickly outdated polling.



Of course, I believe in fiscal responsibility, lowering tax burdens, and improving the cost of living. A strong, diverse, and inclusive economy can help fix these problems, but the winning economic formula today is compassion + competitiveness. It’s time for this party to step into social responsibility.

As leader, I will stand tall for what we want this party to mean to people and their families. In my career, I have spent as much time working in communities as I have in business, listening with compassion and support for people’s daily challenges. I know that a sustainable, safe, and healthy future for British Columbians is as important as a hot-wired, hyper-competitive economy. And I know how to deliver on both. 

Do you want a politician, or do you want a leader? 

I’m a leader who understands B.C.’s challenges, with the real-world experience, innovative approaches, and energy to tackle them. My 4 Pillar Plan will get us there.

I hope I can count on your #1 choice on your ballot on February 3rd, 4th, or 5th.

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