We should be thinking BIGGER

Val Litwin Leadership Campaign

The world, Canada, and BC have changed for good.

I’m not talking about COVID.

The growing wave of opposition to racial injustice, an opioid epidemic that has no end, eroding affordability for our families, climate change, rising anti-Asian hate crimes, and the ongoing horrors of residential schools on Indigenous populations.

We need new solutions. We need new perspectives.

A diverse, inclusive, creative, and courageous BC Liberal Party can generate those solutions.

We’ve been the party that knows how to hardwire a hot economy and innovate on the environment across rural and urban BC – and now we must deliver for people more deeply, too.

Average, thoughtful British Columbians are looking for a political home.

Let’s welcome them into our home.

It’s time for a new definition of success BC Liberal Party and British Columbia.

We’re going to be unveiling new tools and changemaking ideas. I hope you’ll help shape them. Get involved.