Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

What Tim Hortons can teach the BC Liberal Party

Maybe you’re reading this over your morning coffee, and maybe it’s one of the five million cups a day that come from an iconic red and brown takeout cup. No matter how often you stop at a Tim Hortons, I bet you do it for the same reasons most Canadians do: it’s consistent, the value is always what you expect—it delivers a reliable, quality experience. Maybe your neighbourhood store even supports your child’s hockey team or one of your personal causes.

Tim Hortons is a franchise system, which means most of its 5,000 locations are owned and run by local operators, who are supported by head-office supplies, systems and tools, training and technologies that help them communicate, sell and win new fans. Political parties are in the same business, too.

The BC Liberal party should be thinking like a franchise to attract talent and voters, and to find success in 2024.

As someone who led two of the most successful franchise brands in Canada, Nurse Next Door and Blo Blow Dry Bar, I know this business model intimately. I understand that the strength and success of our party depends entirely on success at the grassroots, local level: at your neighbourhood “franchise,” or riding association.

I’ve talked before about our party’s need to “download a new operating system” and that starts at the grassroots, with how we recruit and retain riding volunteers, fundraise, and convert new party members.

What does that look like?

I’d lead a BC Liberal Party that creates a tool kit for local ridings, with innovative training programs for volunteers, templates for local events, and automated fundraising systems. Think of it as a Riding-in-a-Box quick-start package, like franchisees at a top-tier operation would receive.

These are the operational nuts and bolts you don’t often hear political candidates talk about, but as an entrepreneur I know they are the modern system update we need.

I will bring my experience as a franchise founder, executive, and leader to help us scale the funds, membership, and the message, bringing new energy and talent to the party.

Most importantly, we will gather insights at the grassroots, local level and act on them. By creating a platform gathering our own accessible data and real-time understanding of what British Columbians need from their government, we don’t need to invest in expensive and time-consuming polling to get answers we need to win in 2024.

I know how to make data-based decisions, and execute successful strategies to move organizations forward. I’ve done it at multiple organizations, and I can do it to achieve BC Liberal success in 2024 and beyond.

If you’re nodding your head to what I said here, share this message with a potential new party member or share it with your own following, so we can keep talking.

Next week, I’ll tell you exactly how I’ve succeeded at this before, in creating the powerful insight platform for the BC Chamber of Commerce.




P.S. Don’t hit “remind me later.” If you agree that it’s time for the party to hit “update” on a new operating system, join our team. Donate so that we can bring more new members into the party, get involved, and get in touch with your thoughts and ideas.

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