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Travel Plans (to Win)

Over the past few years, I have traveled throughout our province many times over as CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce.

Over the past few years, I have traveled throughout our province many times over as CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce. Each week I was in a different town, walking the main streets, shaking the hands of business owners and listening to them, meeting with elected officials and learning the policy files.

Throughout this campaign I’ve continued my travels around our beautiful province. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with so many of you virtually and in person. Thanks for sharing your hopes, challenges, and ideas with me.

As we race towards the finish line, here are some of my stops in the final days of the campaign:

No matter where I go in our province, I’m hearing both concern and optimism.

Yes, members are worried about what they see in the media about this leadership race. They’re concerned that we get our internal house in order. Because if we don’t, we risk handing another election to the NDP. This would mean 10 years of NDP rule in this province.

But there’s so much optimism! Starting February 6, we can turn the page on old concerns and build a winning coalition to return us to government. I can’t wait to get started!

With your support, my job as leader will include more travel around BC. This time to support, engage, and grow our grassroots across the province so that we can win again in 2024.

I will bring the energyexperience, and the plan to renew and modernize the BC Liberal Party. Can I count on you for your #1 or #2 vote on the ranked ballot? Please let me know.

Yours truly,
Val Litwin

Val Litwin, Candidate for BC Liberal Party Leader

P.S. You can still DONATE To Win too, so we can spread our message digitally throughout the coming week, ensure everyone knows about our final upcoming events, and help me drive home the real, open renewal our party is now demanding.

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