Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

Top 10 Moments of 2021

A look back at some key moments in the Val Litwin campaign during 2021

BC Liberal Party Leadership Campaign Top 10

Some years are especially significant. 2021 will certainly go down as one of those years in British Columbia. We’ve faced many challenges.

For those of us working on the Val Litwin Campaign Team it has been a rewarding experience to have played a small role in our province’s story this year. We’ve worked hard, we had fun along the way, and now we’d like to celebrate some of the key moments with a top 10 list. 

Thanks to Team Val for all your efforts in 2021. Here’s to an even bigger 2022! 


Innovative, differentiated and high-impact campaign launch

Val Litwin — the former President and CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce — has officially entered the BC Liberal Party leadership race, with surprisingly the best, most resonant campaign launch video and website.


Debate #1 - Download the new operating system

Litwin is charming and (surprisingly) demonstrated that he is the most polished politician… without coming off as untrustworthy. He would contrast Premier Horgan the best.


Presentation to Provincial Council that inspires with a 4-pillar plan to re-energize party organization

What the BC Liberal Party can learn from Facebook’s rebrand

The New Winning Formula for the BC Liberal Party


A Welcoming BC Liberal Party

Building the BC Liberal party of 2024 will take learning from how we got it wrong in the past and welcoming new voices and communities. Diversity and inclusion goes way beyond winning in 2024. It’s about doing what’s right.


Calling for a Made-in-BC Pacific Salmon Action Plan

Yes, fisheries is federal jurisdiction. But we don’t need to wait for Ottawa. It’s time for a made-in-BC action plan that prioritizes Indigenous knowledge and activates the local insights of anglers and commercial fishers.


Championing Small Business

The old BC Liberal brand is seen as the party of big business and mega projects. Let’s also be the party that fights for the 500,000 small businesses across BC.


Leading Change

Throughout the 2021 campaign, Val has been casting a new vision for the BC Liberal Party that can take the party into the next chapter.


A New Deal for BC’s North

The North is a powerhouse part of what has driven BC’s prosperity and GDP. It has created opportunity for generations of British Columbians. It’s time for the North to get a new deal.


Calling for Action on the Overdose Crisis



Thanks to you and people across British Columbia who have stepped up to join the party, get involved in the campaign, and get behind a new definition of success for the BC Liberal Party.

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