Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

The New Winning Formula

There is an opportunity today for our party to speak directly to British Columbians and put people at the centre of the picture—not only businesses and balance sheets.

winning formula for the BC Liberal Party

In the early days of the pandemic, when I was still CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce, we provided grassroots insight to the provincial government on the need to extend the temporary layoff support program—likely saving hundreds of businesses and jobs.

How did we provide insight that even governments didn’t have? We consulted a cloud-based data-gathering community that I spearheaded, called It consistently gave us fresh insight into what our 36,000 business-owning members thought, wanted, and needed from their leaders.

In fact, we gave frequent briefings to the Prime Minister’s Office which helped inform how business supports were tailored. The PMO told us nothing else like it existed in Canada.

I believe that every modern political party needs to reflect its members needs and values in that same way. We need to put people first.

Why do I mention this anecdote now? It brings my vision for the BC Liberal Party into sharp focus. There is an opportunity today for our party to speak directly to British Columbians and put people at the centre of the picture—not only businesses and balance sheets.

Of course, I also believe in fiscal responsibility, lowering tax burdens, and improving the cost of living.

But if your child has spent their last three years in a school portable, if you’re always stuck in traffic, if you can’t afford housing—you want those issues addressed now, in your local community.

Yes, a strong, diverse, and inclusive economy can help fix these problems, and strong government revenue gives us options we need right now in BC. But the winning formula today is compassion + competitiveness.

It’s time for this party to step into social responsibility.

As a leader, I will stand tall for what we want this party to mean to people and their families. We will clearly state what our party will not stand for or tolerate. We will make people proud to be BC Liberal Party members.

To win in 2024 we have to show that we have changed, and grown, and that our values and priorities have evolved.

As a leader, I have spent as much time working in communities as I have in business. I will demonstrate that compassion and support for people’s daily challenges is as important as a hot-wired, hyper-competitive economy; that a sustainable, safe, and healthy future for British Columbians is as important as a healthy economy.

By electing someone fresh, someone different, to lead this party in February 2022, we will signal that the BC Liberal Party has begun the renewal process—for real this time. Don’t keep pressing “Remind me Later.” It’s time to download a new operating system for this party.

I have the experience, and the energy, to lead the BC Liberal Party into the next chapter, and to success in 2024.

Join me today!



P.S. By participating in this political party, you’re making a real difference to the future of our province. Let’s get more people to join before the deadline on December 17! My team has built some innovative tools to help you do just that.

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