Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

Seeds of Renewal

There is no BC Liberal Party without all of you.

Dear friends,

Starting February 6th, we have the chance to grow into a modern party that can lead this province again.

I know that all of us— the teams, volunteers, the party executive and members, the candidates—we are the seeds of renewal. Each of us brings new ideas, talents, and energy that will determine and define something important in this next version of the BC Liberal Party.

Renewal is thrilling, but change can be challenging. It takes sunlight to grow – to create transparency, accountability, openness, and true renewal. Yet every time this party has embraced change, it was the beginning of a winning generation. We have a chance now to reintroduce ourselves to British Columbians, as:

  • A party that values people as much as it does thriving economies
  • A party that is truly open and seeks to engage meaningfully (not transactionally) with its members
  • A party that operates in a modern era of transparency and accountability, with clear rules around behaviour, because we have powerful core values that inspire us toward higher ideals
  • A party that can unite B.C., because it has a vision that all British Columbians want to be part of and help realize

My absolute highlight in this campaign has been connecting with so many passionate people and members throughout British Columbia. I listened to your frustrations and dreams. I did my best to listen, learn, and address your burning questions. As I learned as CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce, leaders ignore members at their peril!

There is no BC Liberal Party without all of you. There are so many people I appreciate for supporting this process, and here are just a few: thank you to…

  • Lindsay Coté, the Executive Director of the BC Liberal Party, and her dedicated team, for running one of the longest leadership races in Canadian history, bringing grace and good humour to the whole process
  • The Leadership Election Organizing Committee of the party, for leading during a tumultuous but important time as the party defines its new direction
  • All the committed party members that have diligently tuned in and had their inboxes overwhelmed … but who will still turn out to vote and contribute
  • The many campaign volunteers who have given up nearly a year of their lives

In particular, I’d like to thank each of the other candidates who have been on their own journeys. Thank you to…

  • Ellis, for delivering a compelling vision of a prosperous future for everyone
  • Gavin, for your policy-creativity and ability to connect with the next generation
  • Kevin, for the vital role you’ve played in shaping the BC Liberal party
  • Michael, for your call to restore trust and push to welcome in new members
  • Renee, for your powerful presence, grit, and belief in a truly reinvigorated, modern party
  • Stan, for your passion to change how politics is done

We’ve tilled the soil these last ten months.
Starting February 6 let’s grow into the renewed, modern party that can lead this province again.

To our renewal, Val

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