Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

Renewal vs. Revolution

Yup, 61% of B.C.’s population is under the age of 40. And it’s diverse. Here’s the new conversation the B.C. Liberal party needs to have with them.

It’s clear by now that I’m not your typical political candidate. I don’t hide behind a podium. I like to connect one-on-one. I come from startup culture, not big business. I think being a different kind of candidate is essential right now. British Columbia isn’t the same province it was a generation ago, and our party shouldn’t be, either.

The BC Liberals need to seek out and embrace diverse, engaged people to reflect where the province is at today.

I’m thinking about young entrepreneurs, parents, women, and students who will invest their energy into organizations that align with their values.

When we see, hear, and honour diversity in our party from the grassroots on up, it will create a conveyor belt of talent – and bring a jolt of energy, ideas and perspectives to our party.

The result might look a lot like the team I’m building: a blend of youth and experience, of leading-edge tools and brain-trust wisdom. But let me make one thing clear…


Renewal should not be revolution.

Here’s why:
The future of our party is about building on the past, not rejecting it. I’m proud of the history of BC Liberal governments.

Past BC Liberal premiers were the builders and visionaries. They led based not on ideology, but on smart, evidence-informed ideas of what it actually takes to build a flourishing province.

The NDP can’t make decisions and produce results like we can. I know it.

I spent four years as the president and CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce. I sat on the Premier’s Economic Recovery Task Force and I had tons of insights to share from our business insight platform. But the one thing we never talked about there? Economic recovery.

I know how to make data-based decisions, and execute successful strategies to move organizations forward. I’ve done it at multiple organizations, and I can do it to achieve BC Liberal success in 2024 and beyond.

We need to embrace what comes next. Are you part of it?

If you’re nodding your head to what I said here share this message to a potential new party member so we can stay in conversation.



P.S. Don’t hit “remind me later.” If you agree that it’s time for the party to hit “update” on a new operating system, join our team. Donate so that we can bring more new members into the party, get involved, and get in touch with your thoughts and ideas.

P.P.S. If you want more inspiration check out last week’s email, on how we can create a winning new brand. Next week I’ll tell you how we can grab an electoral and governing advantage, using leading-edge tech and tools.

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