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When Old Guard Parties Don’t Like Data

Outmoded parties like the BCNDP hide and ignore the data when it doesn't fit their dogma. We can be a modern Party that embraces evidence.

I previously criticized the BC NDP government for their unwillingness to trust the public with the data on COVID-19:

Now one of the key experts in Canada’s inquiry into the 2003 SARS outbreak also has concerns. He is calling for an inquiry into BC’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, citing the BCNDP government’s rejection of evidence as “a failure that likely cost lives.”

Here’s the thing.

The best decisions are driven by the data, not ideology.

That’s why as CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce I oversaw the creation of a tech platform to collect that quality information. It’s called It provides the real-time data that the BC Chamber uses to inform Ottawa and Victoria around what’s happening on the ground with BC businesses.

The inspiration for this “insight community” – a first in Canada for a province-wide business association – came from the belief that we would get better policy outcomes if government was tapping into correct, realtime information from the grassroots.

As just one example…

The platform helped save thousands of small businesses and tens of thousands of jobs during the pandemic shutdowns. The information coming from the platform forced the BCNDP government to face the facts and extend the temporary layoff provision. That’s the power of having timely data.

What does this mean for winning in 2024?

Members are telling me that our Party needs to do a better job of engaging the grassroots, supporting our riding associations, and growing our base. We can do these things better by embracing innovative technology like I did at the BC Chamber.

This technological advantage will:

📊 provide actionable insight to guide our policy ideas
🔗 drive deeper engagement between our 87 riding associations and Party
🔎 enable our Party to have a finger on the pulse of the province

Notice that none of this has to do with worn-out ideology.

While outmoded parties like the BCNDP hide and ignore the data when it doesn’t fit their dogma, we can be a modern Party that embraces evidence.

We win in 2024 the same way the most innovative businesses and organizations today are winning: by embracing the information advantage.

And it’s also how we can govern BC better after we win.

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