Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

Christy wanted a bridge. John wants a tunnel. Voters just want it done.

It’s time to turn the page on yesterday’s political feuds and build a future-focussed BC Liberal Party

“We just want a solution now!”

…the words of people on the street last week as the NDP announced a new Massey Tunnel replacement was coming.

Eight years from now.

We hope.

Forget for a minute that the new proposed replacement delivers British Columbians 20% less crossing-capacity (than the bridge option) at a higher price and will require a new environmental assessment that might conclude in 2025…

We need to ask, why are we in this situation?

It’s not poor planning.

It’s not bridge vs. tunnel infighting at the local level.

We’re here because of hyper-partisan politics.

Christy wanted a bridge. So, John wants a tunnel.

That’s it.

Now people, communities, and businesses are being told to wait another decade – for the transportation infrastructure we needed years ago. British Columbians suffer because politicians have a partisan axe to grind.

Do we still need strong opposition parties aiming informed, hard critiques at government? You bet. That’s what I did as the CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce.

But British Columbians need politicians who can park their egos and deliver for the people.

That’s what I’d do.

I’m for a strong critique of our political opponents, but I also believe in doing what’s right for BC first.

Modern governments must move quickly.

They do what’s right for people.

And they have the courage and confidence to stand up and say, “that’s a good idea, even though it wasn’t mine”.

That’s what BC’s future leader should sound like.

That’s what the BC Liberals will need in 2024.

It’s time to turn the page on yesterday’s political feuds and build a future-focussed BC Liberal Party. If you agree, join me. Get involved with my campaign, make a donation, or get in touch. I want to hear from you.


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