Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

A Welcoming BC Liberal Party

Building the BC Liberal party of 2024 will take learning from how we got it wrong in the past and welcoming new voices and communities. Diversity and inclusion goes way beyond winning in 2024. It’s about doing what’s right.

Diversity BC Liberal Party

“I used to always vote BC Liberal and have lost hope in them as of late. You have my vote and 100% support, Val”

I just got this message from Noel on LinkedIn this morning.

I’m hearing this a lot: “I just can’t do it”.

Vote BC Liberal, that is.

I know that we can win back people like Noel.

A name change alone won’t be enough. True renewal and a commitment to an inclusive future is our starting point.

(It is also just the right thing to do.)

I’ve renewed, reinvigorated, and repositioned companies and organizations over my career.

Let’s win back people like Noel.

Join me and let’s build the party of 2024 today.

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