Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

A Blueprint for 2022

February 5th can be the beginning of a new chapter for the BC Liberal Party. I want to share with you my priorities as Leader.

BC Liberal Blueprint for 2022

Leadership is about getting the job done.

February 5th can be the beginning of a new chapter for the BC Liberal Party. I want to share with you my priorities as Leader.

Our first 100-day plan emphasizes three focus-areas I have trusted many times to reinvent organizations and re-energize cultures:

BC Liberal Leadership 2022 - People

During my remarks at the Provincial Council meeting in November, one of the pillars of my presentation was the importance of PEOPLE. The BC Liberal Party grassroots – our volunteers, members, staff, and donors – hold the key to our mutual success. That’s why the first step is listening to stakeholders and empowering our team.

My family, team, and I will hit the road as I did many times as BC Chamber CEO, traveling BC, meeting with riding associations, MLAs, community leaders, and business owners to ensure we have a reinvigorated (and reorganized) base that’s engaged and ready to get to work.

BC Liberal Renewal Process

My team and I have proven we know how to communicate and tell real stories that get noticed: now we’re going to do that as a party. We’ll build on the terrific job Shirley Bond and the caucus team have done in presenting a sharp, evidence-based, and articulate opposition. And we are also going to start telling British Columbians what we STAND FOR.

We will welcome in the next generation of voters, and re-engage past supporters as we share our plan to lead a competitive, innovative, and compassionate province. I’m excited to tell BC about how we will open up our nominations process so we can truly attract and include diverse candidates, and begin to reflect the province we seek to lead. And as we do all this, we create solid brand positioning around being BC’s new fiscally responsible, socially and environmentally conscious party.

BC Liberal Party - Purpose

There’s a long list of things we need to get done, and get right – but I’ve never been afraid of doing the work.

Here are 7 of the Top Priorities out of the gates:

  1. Identify and secure a riding to run in (there are several good options here)

  2. Sit down with each MLA to understand their urgent priorities so we can build a strong, aligned culture around performance, accountability, and impact.

  3. A smart, strong, and refreshing response to the Throne Speech on February 8th (I’ve been in the lockups and done the media scrums every year as the CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce)

  4. Deploying a new fundraising strategy that will allow our party and riding associations to flourish in the new fundraising environment

  5. Recruiting talented, purpose-driven candidates and opening up our nominations process

  6. Engage the grassroots to develop a framework of priorities for our winning platform in 2024 – because good ideas get better when you talk about them and we will start to give the public a reason to get activated around our vision for the province

  7. Prepare for an engaging, transformative annual convention to inspire our teams

After a long leadership campaign it’s hard to believe how close we are to the start of something big for our Party and province. Are you ready? I am. 

Will you help bring the vision I outlined to reality? Please consider a financial contribution and pledge to vote.

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