Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

Val Litwin Enters the B.C. Liberal Race as a Catalyst of Change

The B.C. Liberal Party has proven it can hardwire a hot economy as it leads on the environment

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia–Val Litwin, who has built his reputation as a changemaker and advocate for women and underrepresented groups, announced his run as the next leader of the B.C. Liberal Party today.

Litwin, best known for his policy experience, transformational leadership, and relationships across the province, has most recently served as CEO of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce and Chair of The Forum (previously Forum For Women Entrepreneurs). His reputation as an agent of change has led historic organizations into a new technology and data-driven era of representation for the diverse and changing economy of British Columbia. Under Litwin’s leadership, the B.C. Chamber led the way on proactive COVID response, Indigenous Rights, and lobbying governments for better diversity and gender representation on boards.

A 44-year-old father of two, Litwin is also an accomplished business owner and social entrepreneur. His early experience founding and running a social enterprise and subsequently co-writing a Canadian best-seller on corporate social responsibility, led him to further entrepreneurial ventures. Litwin co-founded his own small business and scaled it to 18 international locations before selling.

Litwin explains his motivations for the B.C. Liberal Party Leadership as a calling that could not be ignored amidst compounding collective social stressors across the province. Isolation, unemployment, climate change, racial injustice, parenting without childcare, and loss of momentum and opportunity have all taken a toll on British Columbians.

“It’s time for a leader who can bring people back into the B.C. Liberal Party with winning energy and renewed perspective. We need modern, outside-the-box solutions to age-old problems. Someone who doesn’t just talk about social issues, diversity, and equality. They actively listen and take action to move the needle in a bold direction. My goal is to welcome the 61% of British Columbians who are under the age of 39 and feel politically homeless. Now is the time to redefine what success looks like for this Party.”

“The B.C. Liberal Party has proven it can hardwire a hot economy as it leads on the environment,” says Litwin. “But any government that fails to sincerely place people at the heart of what they do is no longer electable. My purpose is to deliver for the people like never before while building a best-in-class economy. We will create hosting conditions across our province that allow businesses and people to thrive in the world’s most packed-with-potential market.”

Litwin’s campaign kicks off with his signature brand of values-driven action. In the coming days, he will virtually criss-cross the province meeting with Northern Mayors, tech industry leaders, post-secondary students, women entrepreneurs, as well as Party members from Vancouver Island to the Kootenays, while documenting his experience across 87 ridings.

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