Val Litwin for BC Liberal Party Leader

Opinion: Val Litwin launches distinct campaign in BC Liberal leadership race

With a splashy introduction to the public, former President and CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce Val Litwin enters the BC Liberal leadership race as a polished force of exuberant energy, which should worry his competitors.

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As a political outsider, Val Litwin — the former President and CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce —  has officially entered the BC Liberal Party leadership race, with surprisingly the best, most resonant campaign launch video and website

Litwin’s launch video, particularly, is a vivid contrast of energy to the other declared candidates: Ellis Ross, Gavin Dew, Kevin Falcon, and Michael Lee. It’s so well executed that in one snappy minute, Litwin exposes how bland the other leadership candidates have been so far.

DewFalcon, and Lee have produced such similarly uninspiring political messaging, it may be a symptom of their longstanding, direct involvement with the BC Liberals. 

Look at their launch videos: Dew, Falcon, and Lee use melodramatic music — backed by gentle piano tones — that dribbles over slow-motion visuals. Each of them layer highfalutin (yet unenthusiastically delivered) narration over images of themselves working super seriously, intently engaging with their families and communities, and meditatively looking off into the distance.  

It’s like there’s a BC Liberal playbook for political advertisements and all three of those camps are just personalizing the same boring boilerplate.

In contrast, Litwin’s launch video wields movement, percussion-heavy music, animated text, and flashy colours. Litwin speaks directly to you, the viewer, the entire time, not in some lame cinematic narration over a mishmash of images and staged interactions. At the very least, you actually end up watching the whole thing. 

Litwin’s approach is almost antithetical to that of Dew, Falcon, and Lee, which is exactly what makes it so good.

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