Contributions are appreciated as Val and team work to cover final accounts payable from the leadership race.

There are two options to donate:

1. Donate directly to Val's Campaign (75% goes to Team Val)

You can choose this option if you didn’t make your maximum (or any) contribution to Val’s campaign. You can donate up to $1268.07. Val’s campaign will receive 75% of your donation and 25% is remitted to the party (a standard practice in leadership races). There is no tax receipt issued here according to Elections BC rules.


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2. Donate to the BC Liberal Party (50% goes to Team Val)

If you already donated your maximum amount to Val’s campaign, you can now donate directly to the BC Liberal Party, to a maximum of $1,309.09, and the party will remit 50% of that donation to Val’s campaign. The party will keep the other 50%, and then share 25% of that to the BC Liberal Riding Association where you live, to power our provincial campaign to a win in 2024! You are eligible for a maximum tax receipt of $500.00 with this donation.