Thank you 🙏

Dear friends, With the BC Liberal leadership race now behind us, I’ve spent the last week reflecting and connecting… with my family and the many people who helped me along the way these past several months. I’m grateful for the experiences of the past year. It has been the honour of my life to work […]

Travel Plans (to Win)

Over the past few years, I have traveled throughout our province many times over as CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce.

Val Litwin Statement on Memberships

I’m running to lead a BC Liberal Party that all communities see as their vehicle for meaningful participation in the political process, united around the goal of making life better for people and families across the province.

A Blueprint for 2022

BC Liberal Blueprint for 2022

February 5th can be the beginning of a new chapter for the BC Liberal Party. I want to share with you my priorities as Leader.

Wishing you the best of the Season ⭐️

When the BC Liberal Party launched its leadership race more than eight months ago, none of us knew it would be one of BC’s most challenging years ever. And undeniably, the effects of wildfires and floods, an ongoing overdose crisis, and a global pandemic have disrupted all of our lives. But please take a moment […]

Renewal vs. Revolution

Yup, 61% of B.C.’s population is under the age of 40. And it’s diverse. Here’s the new conversation the B.C. Liberal party needs to have with them.

A Welcoming BC Liberal Party

Diversity BC Liberal Party

Building the BC Liberal party of 2024 will take learning from how we got it wrong in the past and welcoming new voices and communities.
Diversity and inclusion goes way beyond winning in 2024. It’s about doing what’s right.

No Vacation for Firefighters

BC Wildfires Armstrong

Kyle Young’s statement caught my eye last week. It also knocked the wind out of me. Mr. Young is an Incident Commander for the BC Wildfire Service and if you didn’t catch his post, here it is: “My name is Kyle Young and I am an Incident Commander with the #BCWildfire Service. I am writing […]

The Heat is on BC

BC Salmon

We need to be playing a better “long game” in BC when it comes to our salmon harvest, habitat restoration plan, and hatcheries strategy. 

BC’s Wildfire Emergency

bc wildfire emergency

BC has been in a state of emergency for weeks.

Today the BCNDP government has finally made it official.

Real change, not just a name change

Any political brand that fails to place people at the heart of what they do is no longer electable. Yet administrations that don’t understand how economies flourish, aren’t built to last.