Val Litwin on CBC Radio

Val Litwin had a conversation with Stephen Quinn on CBC Radio’s The Early Edition on January 20. Listen to the recording below.

The New Winning Formula

winning formula for the BC Liberal Party

There is an opportunity today for our party to speak directly to British Columbians and put people at the centre of the picture—not only businesses and balance sheets.

What Tim Hortons can teach the BC Liberal Party

Maybe you’re reading this over your morning coffee, and maybe it’s one of the five million cups a day that come from an iconic red and brown takeout cup. No matter how often you stop at a Tim Hortons, I bet you do it for the same reasons most Canadians do: it’s consistent, the value […]

A New Deal for BC’s North

Val Litwin BC Liberal Party - Northern BC

The North is a powerhouse part of what has driven BC’s prosperity and GDP. It has created opportunity for generations of British Columbians.

It’s time for the North to get a new deal.

Audacious Plans

Extreme Kindness Tour 2002

Twenty years ago the world was turned upside down by a shocking and deadly terrorist attack. Feelings of fear and anger shot through the western world. But for many of us, 9/11 also inspired deeper reflections about life – and how we wanted to live it.

Change in the air

…but not the kind you think. Meeting face-to-face with people on the ground has been the most gratifying part of this race, as we engage and inspire in 87 ridings. My recent trip to Vancouver Island was no exception. I had an insightful chat with Patrick Tier over an early morning chicken hash at The […]